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ArtiKool's Three Year Warranty

ArtiKool™ has been formulated and manufactured to provide a high level of trouble-free performance.  ArtiKool embodies many years of experience in formulation of industrial lubricants, and many years of experience in high-tech manufacturing and customer service.  ArtiKool is sold through a network of authorized dealers.  Only ArtiKool purchased from one of our authorized dealers is covered by the terms of this  warranty.   

ArtiKool is free from defects in material and workmanship.  When ArtiKool
is properly installed, with proper follow-up maintenance performed, the manufacturer will repair or replace any compressor system proved by the manufacturers approved laboratory to be damaged solely by the product.  This warranty shall extend for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser/end-user only, and is not assignable or transferable.  If the Installer fails to follow the proper ArtiKool recommended installation procedure, this warranty will be void.  This warranty is limited to actual damage to treated equipment, and does not include incidental or consequential damages or damages of any other kind or character.  This warranty shall not apply to any product that has been subject to misuse, abuse, mishandling, tampering, spillage, contamination during or after shipment, or any defects or damage caused by improper handling or storage.     


ArtiKool™ meets or exceeds all major equipment manufacturers' warranty standards for compressor oils.  The Magnusson-Moss Consumer Product Warranty Act of 1992 prohibits compressor manufacturers from voiding their warranties because of the addition of third party oil additives, unless that equipment manufacturer can prove that the lubricant harmed the equipment.

If you want to be a distributor, or be listed as a Master Distributor or if you have any questions just e-mail us or write us at:

ArtiKool is trademarked.