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ArtiKool Master Distributor Opportunities, with EXCLUSIVE territory! 



ArtiKool - Product of EDS,llc
EDS,llc is a company using a 21st Century network business model with a just in time format.  EDS,llc uses some of the best technical minds in their respective fields without the cost of having them under one roof.  The products that EDS,llc represents is available for our Master Distributors and Distributors to market in their designated locations and beyond.  EDS,llc business model provides its Master Distributors and Distributors the lowest price and highest quality product of its kind on the market; allowing our distributors higher profit and competitive pricing with superior product. This is because all of our distributor deal directly with the manufacture representative, not a middle man.
Master Distributor Opportunities

We offer the opportunity to be a Master Distributor in any area that is not already under contract with another company.  Master Distributors hold exclusive rights to distribute ArtiKool in an area and are provided our best pricing. 
If you are interested in becoming a Master Distributor, email us at or to learn more and discuss the opportunity of becoming a Master Distributor.  This is a rare opportunity and territories are going fast. 

ArtiKool Distributor Opportunities

It is easy to become a distributor for ArtiKool.  There is only one restriction - you must buy from one of our Master Distributor's listed.  If there is no Master Distributor in your area you can always purchase from any Master Distributor you choose.  ArtiKool is distributed directly through our Master Distributors only.  It is they, the Master Distributors that support the distributors they supply.  There is no minimum amount you are required to purchase to be an ArtiKool Distributor. 
NEW!  ArtiKool Marketing Push for Distributors!
ArtiKool is currently in need of Master Distributors to cover the important new areas of Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa,and Australia to name a few. Currently we have little to no coverage in these regions.  "It is a wide open market of which we are committed to be a part".  Says CEO Dr. C. A. Stevens,Ph.D., "We have moved in a measured pace in planning our global coverage to make sure our company was successful in every place we covered along the way.  Now is the time for ArtiKool to expand into those new large markets."  "I am happy to say that 2018 has been our best year to date and 2019 is looking to be even better!  Even with collapsing markets and poor economy people everywhere are needing to save money every way they can and our product is one of the simplest ways to start cutting overhead cost on large facilities and even down to the home owner."  ArtiKool is committed to supporting our Master Distributors and expanding marketing to all parts of the globe.  This is a ground floor opportunity for those in Asia, South America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and the other parts of the globe to cover in all those areas which individual marketing executives want to have exclusive rights to market ArtiKool. 
Those who are in Latin American counties may contact our Latin American office located in Mexico in order to communicate about product and support in a familiar language.  Allowing us to provide communication in both Spanish and English languages for our customers convenience and complete engineering technical support within both locations. 
If are interested in becoming an ArtiKool Master Distributor, we would like to hear from you!  ArtiKool is the best designed Synthetic PROA on the market to meet the systems requirements of today as well as those of tomorrow.  Don't let this opportunity be snatched away from you!  This is an opportunity for you seize your exclusive area that you want today, in order to market with the BEST  Synthetic PROA on the market!
Easier now than ever before to become a Master Distributor.  Get your exclusive area now before it is gone.  So get yours NOW!!!!!

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